Channel 4 and DixonBaxi unveil a new logo and brand identity for All4

Design agency DixonBaxi has worked with Channel 4’s in house agency 4creative to created a new identity for All4, which is inspired by the streaming “playbar.”

This streaming bar icon is central to all the new branding, serving as “a reminder of the endless content available on All 4,” says DixonBaxi. The new All 4 logo takes a 2D version of the Channel 4 classic logo, with a new “streaming bar” at its core running through the middle of the digit 4. “The streaming bar plays a central role in the rest of the branding.

The logo is also brought to life in a perpetually looping animation that reveals the “4” and streaming bar. “In action, the Playbar expands horizontally to become an infinite stream that guides, frames and connects every piece of content, showcasing the vast library of shows available,” says DixonBaxi.

“The angle of the leading edge of the 4 is used consistently to create a sense of forwarding momentum and is a strong graphic element of the look.” As the logo moves in a parallax motion, show images and titles are revealed.

The logo uses “sharp yellow” and “acidic teal” accent colours to bring new energy to the brand. These tones work against a deep grey colour that aims to bring a “premium feel". Channel 4’s Headline brand font is used in its boldest italic weight across headings online, in print, across social and on-air.

“With a disruptive and rapidly evolving entertainment landscape, the challenge was to develop a sleek, new brand identity that worked alongside the newly unified Channel 4 brands while creating a distinct, seamless and next-generation experience for All 4,” says DixonBaxi.

The redesigned branding also introduces a new “adaptive digital-first experience” that’s being rolled out across social media, mobile, big screen and desktop.


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