The designer aiming to make ‘superfans of the humble brick’

Think bricks are boring? Think again! Not only are they literally the building blocks of our homes, workplaces and most of the rest of the built environment; they're also pretty interesting little chunks of graphic design and typography if you look closely.

One man who knows that more than most is Patrick Fry, who's behind a new book entitled Brick Index. The book is part of the stable of his publisher CentreCentre, which Fry describes as being "all about the mundane, finding and preserving the unpublishable, with particular emphasis on obscure design collections." He adds: "With this new book I’m hoping we can find and make superfans of the humble brick."

The book features 155 photographs of ‘named bricks’. These are those with the makers' mark stamped into their top "When laid into our walls these stamps, often unique and peculiar in their design, are completely hidden," Fry explains. "So this book highlights an unseen design gem, that’s actually all around us."

The beautiful photography, shot by Inge Clemente showcases the myriad textures, colours and graphics of the bricks, which really are gorgeous. Makes us a bit ashamed we've not noticed them before, truth be told.

"This collection serves to rethink a ubiquitous material and honour the graphic stamps hidden all around us," the publisher adds.

To really spice things up, the book features an introduction from brick historian David Kitching and an essay from design writer Professor Rick Poynor.


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