Cat Finnie, Goran Factory, and Rebecca Mills are just some of the illustrators to create October-themed beer bottle labels

We first introduced you to the delightful Drip For Drip project by Wijtze Valkema back in 2016. Which is essentially "curated coffee cup trades with illustrator friends".

The first edition dates back to 2014, when the swaps were one-for-one, always with initiator Wijtze. In 2018, the Netherlands-based creative launched an annual group show using October as a theme. "October translates well to a variety of concepts and never fails to inspire creatives with Inktober, Halloween, pumpkin spice lattes, Sunday walks in woods or simply just wrapping oneself up in a blanket on the couch. It kicks off a season of cosiness, warmth and good foods," says Wijtze.

But this year, to mix things up, Drip For Drip ditched the paper coffee cup template and brought in a special edition of October themed beer labels, as "one cannot spend the entire month on pumpkin spice lattes alone," he adds.

Twenty illustrators were all given the same six colour palette and the theme October, resulting in a beautiful collection of artwork all nicely displayed on a boutique beer bottle provided by Dutch monastery brewery, Kleiburg. (The bottles in the exhibition are filled with the brand's 'Vin du Houblon', a dark and rich Barley Wine with alcohol levels reaching a whopping 11.1%. Yikes.)

This year's special edition includes artwork by illustrators Cat Finnie, Goran Factory, Rebecca Mills, Timo Meyer and Taaryn Brench among others. Some of them have collaborated in a Drip For Drip trade multiple times previously. "The best thing about curating a show like this is receiving the most amazing artwork by the best contemporary illustrators, sharing each other's work and being inspired all at the same time," says Wijtze.

Of course, the big challenge this year was being able to put on a physical show of the beer bottle designs. Alas, that isn't happening – it's only online. But there's still some hope that the artwork will be seen at Geestdrift Festival in Utrecht, The Netherlands on 7 November. Watch this space.

Frederique Matti [@frederique.png](

Frederique Matti @frederique.png

Mr.Nelson Design [@mrnelsondesign](

Mr.Nelson Design @mrnelsondesign

Timo Meyer [@timohmeyer](

Timo Meyer @timohmeyer

Cat Finnie [@catfinnieillustration]( )

Cat Finnie @catfinnieillustration

Paul Position [@paul.position](

Paul Position @paul.position

Rebecca Mills [@RebeccaMills](

Rebecca Mills @RebeccaMills

Goran Factory [@goranfactory](

Goran Factory @goranfactory

Linda Coulter [@lindacoulter](

Linda Coulter @lindacoulter

Alexandra Francis [@alexefrancis](

Alexandra Francis @alexefrancis

Taaryn Brench [@taaryn_b](

Taaryn Brench @taaryn_b

Tyler Nickell [@tylrnckll](

Tyler Nickell @tylrnckll

Wijtze Valkema [@dripfordrip](

Wijtze Valkema @dripfordrip


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