A movie-type identity for a Barcelona production firm is inspired by a love of cinema

Barcelona studio Full Circle Karma has taken inspiration from the world of cinema to craft the new identity for BLUA, a local production company.

Drawing on the cinematic references the team shares, the idea was to create a brand that is "personal" and "conveys the essence" of the firm, according to Jaume Leis, the creative partner at Full Circle Karma.

In order to create the logo, Full Circle Karma contacted Hangar, an art research centre in Barcelona which, after a long process of digitising and vectorising typefaces extracted from movie posters, managed to "detect all the areas of convergence between the different letters," adds Jaume.

"Finally, we traced the areas of conversion and built a typographic structure with one letter. Based on this structure we designed the entire typeface, which has more than 200 fonts. These fonts not only contain the essence of classic films in the history of cinema, but they are now also part of BLUA's story."

Of course, film and typography have never strayed far from one another. Typography has had its own cultural impact. "We wanted the new visual identity to go beyond the strictly aesthetic; we wanted it to tell a story and make the team feel part of it," says Jaume.

"The new visual identity has been designed to integrate into all physical and digital formats. It can be applied to any medium without losing its essence: the mix between avant-garde technology and the influence of classic cinema which lies at the core of the BLUA."


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