Brand Brothers create the identity for a former hot air balloon factory in Paris

French design studio Brand Brothers has created an identity for The Montgolfière, a "majestic and hidden place" located near the Saint Martin canal in Paris. More than a simple sports hall, the social sports club aims to be a fusion of several different themes, bringing together music, art, sport and food.

Scheduled to open this September, the refurbished building, full of history, is an old hot air balloon canvas factory built in the 1850s without a building permit. Interestingly, it originally didn't have a roof to allow hot air balloons to take off directly from the site. Its wooden structure and glazed corridors were later reinforced by Eiffel-type metal frames that covered the atrium with an imposing glass roof eighteen metres high.

"We worked with the founders of the place, Basile and Ruben, to develop the visual identity," says Johan Debit. one of the studio founders. "The logo, a typogram entirely designed for La Montgolfière, is a statutory lettering including subtle graphic accidents, revealing a bold state of mind.

"The 'Os' are transformed into monograms, revealing the simplified design of a hot air balloon. Supported by a simple graphics system, based on a fir green (the initial hue of the beams forming the framework of the facade) and the Panamera character, we have developed for pre-opening a visual language based on multiple typographical and photographic compositions and the production of strong verbal hooks."

Brand Brothers has rolled the identity to posters, postcards, socks, totes bags, t-shirts, flags, but above all, a monumental tulle flag, around six metres high. Discover more at


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