Bold and diverse illustrations that challenge inequality and racism by Alva Skog

"Illustration is a way for me to communicate, express and question ideas and ideals. For me, illustration and art is a powerful (political) tool and I want people to reflect on things that we might ignore, such as gender inequality and hidden racism," says Alva Skog.

The Swedish illustrator is currently studying their final year at Central Saint Martins but is already making an impact in the industry. In 2017, they won a Yellow Pencil in the D&AD New Blood awards and they have exhibited twice at the Cluster Arts Illustration show in Shoreditch.

"My wish is to highlight and challenge social issues in society and contribute to the much-needed diversity in media and advertising," Alva adds. Here's a recent selection of their illustration work, along with an animation entitled About Morfar – an adaptation of a recorded conversation between their mother and grandmother about their grandfather. The soundtrack is All Is Not Lost by Stephen Daniel Lemaire. One to watch.


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