Blood, Sweat & Rubber: Luis Tew presents a dynamic history of the BMX

Northampton-based Luis Tew is a designer and illustrator, who started his trade in 2011 after studying a degree in Graphic Design at The University of Portsmouth.

His latest project, Fickle Fads and Dedicated Followers of Fashion, is a response to an ISTD brief. Luis explains: "Landscape magazine was created to communicate the dynamic history of the BMX – the brief asked for the creation of a typographic design that explores the subject of 'fads'.

"Using BMX's uncertain history as a narrative, I developed an eccentric use of display type and accompanying body text that represented the flow of events and issues that have occurred in the industry over the last 40 years."

Both clean and dynamic, Luis emulates the fast-paced nature of BMX and translates it into bold graphic design. Discover more at


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