Beguiling photographs that put your Insta sunsets to shame

Thanks to every Tom, Dick and Harry thinking we’re interested int their take on the sunset over Leytonstone, that familiar horizontal stack of land and sky is a familiar site for everyone who’s ever been on Instagram.

All images courtesy of Harry Cory Wright. Via Creative Boom submission.

All images courtesy of Harry Cory Wright. Via Creative Boom submission.

So easy to scroll past, so easily forgotten. Which is what shows the power of the work of photographer Harry Cory Wright: you see his sunsets, and you want to look again and again and again.

Their colours are extraordinary, conveying a sense of calm otherworldliness. Wright is showing his work in an exhibition in Norfolk this month, ten years since he last exhibited photographs there. It will also be the first time he’s showing drawings in ink and watercolour alongside his photographs.

The images on show are primarily large-format colour depictions of the tidal landscape of the North Norfolk coastline: at once familiar, serene, and slightly menacing. According to Creake Abbey, where the works will be exhibited, Wright "has often described the experience of being in a salt marsh as being at the centre of a vast vortex of time and place". 

The show is entitled Six Hour Place, which refers to the landscape between tidal high water and low – six hours is the average amount of time that land is exposed by one retreating tide before being covered by the next, we’re told.

Six Hour Place by Harry Cory Wright is on show from 15 - 23 July 2017 at Creake Abbey, North Creake, Norfolk, NR21 9LF


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