Berlin Cameron designs new identity for women's healthcare brand, Mommy Matters

New York-based creative agency Berlin Cameron has created a new identity for female healthcare brand Mommy Matters. The brand creates products that support women through all stages of pregnancy, including pre- and post-natal such as "postpartum panties", pregnancy pillows, stretch mark creams and more.

The new designs for Mommy Matters aim to "speak directly to women, no matter what stage of pregnancy they are in," says Berlin Cameron. The branding focuses on a key insight identified by the agency: "that during and after pregnancy, mothers are pressured to focus only on their baby, causing them to feel selfish when it comes to attending to their own needs".

In order to hone in on the reverse of that narrative, Berlin Cameron created a new logo, messaging, photography usage and product naming guidelines and a range of marketing materials which "show that to care for others—especially one's newborn child—a mother must first take the time to care for herself," says Berlin Cameron.

"The concept behind the new Mommy Matters brand identity is 'it all revolves around Mom,'" says Berlin Cameron ACD and writer, Megan Adamson-Jackes. "Often, the focus of a woman's pregnancy is centred around the growing baby‘s needs and comfort, and less so on the woman herself. And postpartum, that focus shifts to the baby even more. But the fact is, baby’s well-being is critically dependent on the mother—it all revolves around her."

The agency created a logo and wordmark that feature two embracing circles to signify the idea of care: "the small circle revolves around the large, just as a baby’s world revolves around mom," Berlin Cameron ACD and AD, Kristy Heilenday explains.

Berlin Cameron was keen to reflect the idea that Mommy Matters straddles the line between healthcare and lifestyle. As such, the colour palette uses pink in a way that aims to "celebrate femininity" without becoming a cliché. "The colours we chose are soft but strong, with a modern, earthy feel," says Heilenday. "The brand font and extended visual system is clean but with hand-drawn touches, to allude to the deeply personal and unique journey each woman experiences."

Adamson-Jackes continues: "The tagline, Care For You, is both a description of the brand and a call to action for new and expecting mothers."

A portion of all sales of Mommy Matters products goes to the brand’s sister company, Saving Mothers, a group of doctors and other allied professionals that work with governments and local organisations to improve maternal healthcare in resource-limited regions.


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