Lisa Lloyd's giant paper orchid for '7 For All Mankind signifies hope for a better world

British artist Lisa Lloyd has crafted a giant white egret flower entirely out of paper in a special commission for '7 For All Mankind. The impressive artwork will go on display in the window of the denim brand's flagship store on Regent Street, London, later this month.

"The brief for the project was to create a positive response to the major changes we have experienced globally," Lisa tells Creative Boom. "I took inspiration from flowers, in particular the white egret orchid – an incredible flower that looks like a bird with wings outstretched. My designs are colourful and full of energy."

Lisa sculpts the internal structures of her sculptures from card and embellishes them with lighter more decorative papers. She says that a "big part of the creative process is hunting out paper with interesting finishes and colours that will give the models a creative twist". As with much of her work, this latest piece is based in nature but takes inspiration from the design world, seeking inspiration from creative industries such as fashion, interiors and graphic design.

The installation at '7 For All Mankind on Regent Street will launch on 29 May and run until the beginning of July. "There's been ups and downs but the final pieces are really beautifully engineered," Lisa adds. "I hope this project will help people to feel connected and create an opportunity to see some art in their local city. Slowly the UK is opening up again and we are all ready for the next chapter."

Lisa's work has also been replicated across six of '7 For All Mankind's European stores, including Paris, Knokke, Geneva, Milan, Frankfurt and Amsterdam. Watch the video below to see the project in the making and learn more. Or follow Lisa's journey on Instagram.


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