B&B Studio serves up sophisticated identity for Rocktails botanical blends

Craft drinks specialist Rocktails has unveiled the first lightly sparkling botanical blend in its range, The Citrus Spritz, with design from London's B&B studio.

Made using the "finest distilled botanicals", the brand represents a fresh, sophisticated approach to alcohol-free drinks. B&B has introduced a refined yet characterful identity to reflect the quality of the drink, craft of the steam-distillation process and character of the flavour.

A dedication to craftsmanship has been an inspiration for the design, with B&B working with a printmaker to design a bespoke back label for the bottle, viewed through the clear glass and showcasing the botanicals through the purity of the drink within. A diamond-shaped label on the front of the bottle and tasting notes nod to the sophistication of the spirits industry, adding weight to the blend’s complex, layered botanical flavour.

"Recent growth in the zero-proof market has seen the rise of a discerning consumer seeking more mature botanical flavours rather than copycat alternatives. People like to understand what they are drinking and the story behind it," says Shaun Bowen, Creative Partner at B&B. "We worked with Rocktails to ensure that every step of the craft journey is communicated in their new identity, from illustrations of the ingredients to the signature of the master distiller and copper tones that nod to the stills used during the distillation process."


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