Bonet: Splendid colourful illustrations that celebrate architect Antonio Bonet

In his inspiring poster series, Bonet, Colombian artist The 21 Night celebrates the work of Antonio Bonet, with illustrations that focus on six of the Catalonian architect's most memorable designs.

Known as one of the masters of Modern Movement, a pioneer of architecture in the 20th century, Bonet established his own practice in Argentina in 1938 where he was inspired by the "limitless land" and developed a whole heap of ideas to revolutionise the way things were designed and built.

One of his many buildings is Casa La Ricarda in Barcelona, which The 21 Night (real identity unknown) chose as the basis for one of his poster designs. Commonly known as La Ricarda, it's considered to be one of the best examples of rationalist architecture of its day.

It's a splendid, colourful tribute to Bonet's most celebrated works, apparently created for a school project. Discover more about The 21 Night on Behance.


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