'Awkward' is a funny animation that reminds us of the most embarrassing moments in life

Of all the awkward moments we endure in life, we never stop to think just how often these cringe-worthy social exchanges happen. Until now, that is, as Nata Metlukh's latest animated film Awkward reveals.

From bumping into other people in the street and then doing that silly dance to get out of the way to those times we have to endure a chatty hairdresser when we just want to relax, these are common incidents the Ukrainian-born, San Francisco-based animator and illustrator has loved to illustrate and bring to life. There's even a hilarious, uncomfortable moment when an angry mob covers a car with stickers in a parking spot, only to later realise it really was meant for someone with a disability.

As if the wonderful Very British Problems wasn't enough to remind us of our own social awkwardness, this humorous animation goes the extra mile. We especially love the scene when everyone is trying to understand a piece of art that is essentially a banana stuck to a wall. Or the moment when a man stands in a lift with another woman, panting and sweating after running for it.

We're not the only ones to appreciate Nata's charming film, as it won 'Best Short Film of the Year' at Promofest in Spain earlier this year and also achieved a Vimeo Staff Pick. A graduate of Vancouver Film School and Estonian Academy of Arts, you can see more of her work on her website, where she shares her latest films, gifs, illustrations, animations, and drawings for clients such as Google and Microsoft.


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