Arndt Benedikt goes to Blackpool to find real people to model Klar's latest eyewear collection

When it comes to promoting a new collection of eyewear, we rather like Klar's approach to visit an unexpected location and use real people to model its premium specs.

This time, the brand chose Blackpool Pleasure Beach as its backdrop and appointed Frankfurt design agency Arndt Benedikt to help them come up with the visuals for its latest lookbook.

Also known as the 'Las Vegas of the North', the seaside resort has a special ambience that we all know and love. Screaming people on the roller coasters, flashing signs and slot machines on kitsch facades and above all, the nostalgic hints of another era – it all forms an interesting contrast to Klar's glasses range. Arndt Benedikt worked with lifestyle photographer Florian Schüppel to create the images.

As a format to the lookbook, the German agency chose a classic tabloid to give the pictures enough space. "For the text, we put together interesting hard facts and curious trivia about the pearl by the sea and used them as a counterweight to the opulent in plain typography," says Carolin Schmidt from the agency.


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