Algoritmo's identity for Casa Liebre inspired by antique cigar labels and vintage Mexican packaging

Casa Liebre is a new tourist destination in Mexico featuring an orchard, restaurant, tortillería, farmers market and boutique hotel. It's a space where families and people of all ages can learn about the importance of agriculture.

For its brand, it called upon the talents of Mexican studio Algoritmo who crafted an identity focused around the value it places on the food it serves, as this lies at the heart of its very foundation. "Casa Liebre seeks to protect our ecosystems and shares what is derived from a good treatment of the land and a good diet," explains the studio.

Based on this thinking, the graphic line of the brand uses modern typography inspired by Latin characters. "Without limiting itself to a single logo, we also created stamps inspired by antique cigar labels, matches, and 1900s objects packaging in Mexico," adds the studio.

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