A one-shot music video filmed from the view of a toy train as it speeds along tracks

With Ewan Jones Morris's latest masterpiece, we enjoy a journey around many rooms from the perspective of a toy train.

Incredibly, the latest music video for Anna Meredith was shot all in one go with the train weaving in and out of all the musicians as well as musical instruments, house plants, furniture and LEGO, all cleverly placed throughout the built set.

You never actually see the train, as the camera is strapped to the top of the front carriage. But the entire experience is an amazing piece of work. The cinematography, the way the changing frames meticulously match the beat – it is clear that a lot of preparation went into the performance before the one-shot film was set in motion.

The music video is for Anna Meredith's Paramour, one of the new tracks on FIBS, her upcoming album to be released on 25 October via Moshi Moshi / Black Prince Fury. With thanks to Ewan for sharing this project.


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