Two talented designers and their painfully cool workspace in Cape Town

When I browse through the photographs of the home of MARK Studio, a design consultancy in Cape Town, I'm hugely envious of the bright, white space and all the many wonderful furniture, pictures and accessories that fill the office. Although it includes many of the cliched elements we've come to expect in design studios the world over, it definitely has its own unique personality with the odd 'cheeky' thing here and there.

MARK Studio was founded in 2011 by Craig and Frederick – none of whom are in fact named 'Mark'. Their name came from the sentiment "make your mark" and that's something they try to do in each and every project they work on.

The pair have won awards and enjoy working for clients not just in South Africa but across the world. Recent impressive projects include logo/packaging for Nohmad Chocolates and more packaging design for Fine Swine Whiskey.

Can you describe your workspace?

Our studio used to be a storeroom with boarded shut windows, grey carpets and cream walls. So we have done everything in our power to transform it into a bright and airy space. Removing the carpet to reveal the gem (our hardwood floors) and painting everything white. Once we had the blank canvas we started to slowly add bits and pieces that we like and collect.

What do you love about your workspace the most?

That it's ours, we made it look how we wanted to. It is fun and vibrant to match our personalities.

Any favourite pieces of furniture, accessories or decorations? Can you tell us a story behind them?

Our wall units we’re designed and made by us so that it houses a small kitchenette on the right-hand side: fridge, microwave, kettle etc. The gap between the units is also worked out that our two seater coach fits in the space when we need the extra desk.

Describe the local creative scene

It is a very competitive creative scene with lots of very talented creatives all fighting for the same piece of the pie, however we are very fortunate that we get lots of work from abroad (because our currency the Rand is weak). The standard of work here is also of an international level.

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All photography by Russell Smith

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