Man is God: Giant tribal sculptures of monumental heads

In his series Man is God, London-based Italian artist Giacomo Bufarini (also known as Run) presents imagery and sculptural works that oscillate between the neolithic and the modern, creating monuments and relics that look back to the ancient world to find new wisdom for our modern times.

All images courtesy of Howard Griffin Gallery

All images courtesy of Howard Griffin Gallery

Bufarini seeks to present a world where man and nature are intimately connected as part of an indivisible whole. Exhibiting at the Howard Griffin Gallery in Los Angeles, the show explores and investigates the origins of human civilisation and anthropology, subjects which have long held a fascination for the artist.

His installation includes monumental sculptural heads and large ceremonial banners that cover the walls from floor to ceiling. Visually these grand works reference Pagan symbolism and iconography transposed onto our modernity, inviting us to consider our true origins as a species and our true nature as human beings.


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