25 Twitter accounts for designers on the job hunt

With feeds often populated by things better left as internal monologue, Twitter certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea and has earned itself a reputation as the social network which favours the opinionated extrovert.

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If the idea of crafting your tweet triggers your inner tortoise, don't panic! There's no obligation to populate your feed, sit back and let the information come to you. Once you manage to avoid the relentless stream of banal announcements by unfollowing those that irk you, it can be the ideal place to look for design jobs.

It's not just recruitment agencies or design blogs who have taken to Twitter to circulate employment opportunities. Studios and agencies on a global scale have gradually decided it's the most efficient way to cast the net for new employees and will more times than not, advertise positions solely on the social network. With a network of eager creatives at their fingertips, why on earth wouldn't they?

To make the curation process easier, for all those new to Twitter, or those sitting with a dormant account and an egg for a picture (raise your hand) – we've compiled 25 Twitter accounts which serve up design opportunities daily. The job hunt has never been easier.

1. Form Fifty Five: @formfiftyfive

You may be familiar with Form Fifty Five as a design blog. With categories highlighting the best in design books, events and interviews, it's a firm favourite amongst the design community. From the FFF Twitter account, it regularly tweets updates from its jobs board – so you can receive top-notch design inspiration alongside exciting employment opportunities.

2. The Design Kids: @TheDesignKids

The Design Kids are effortlessly cool with their upbeat and informative contributions to the design world. Their website keeps you updated with a variety of content such as 'Studio Interviews', 'Design Directory' and '#TDKtuesdays' as well as championing design graduates with their awards. TDK also makes daily tweets about design positions within Australia, America, Canada and New Zealand. So if you're a designer on the move, be sure to check them out.

3. ShilloDesignJobs: @ShillingtonJobs

Shameless plug here. We couldn't make this list and not include ourselves. If you're familiar with our blog, you'll know that we have a Jobs Board, full of agencies and companies who've approached us looking for interns and juniors to join their teams. We tweet out all positions that come our way, as well as retweeting a stream of opportunities from those we follow.

4. Design Jobs Board: @Designjobsboard

With its beautiful tonal website design Design Jobs Board makes job-hunting almost relaxing as you scroll through the multiple career options on offer. Their Twitter feed is just as pleasing, as they tweet multiple times a day with a plethora of opportunities.

5. If You Could Jobs: @ifyoucouldjobs

If You Could is the jobs board of the magnificent design blog It's Nice That. You know the jobs on offer will be of a high calibre as INT has its finger firmly on the pulse of the design industry. By following If You Could it is effortless job hunting as their Twitter feed is packed full of engaging finds.

6. Represent: @represent_uk

Represent is a well known creative recruitment agency in London. With a broad reach, its jobs feed covers all disciplines of graphic design and other jobs synonymous with the industry. We had the opportunity to ask Represent a few questions of what they look for in designers during a visit to Shillington London to meet some of our recent graduates.

7. The Loop Jobs: @TheLoopOzJobs

The Loop is a gold mine of opportunity for those on the job hunt in Australia. Positioned as "Australia's largest professional creative community", it's loaded full of inspiration. Not only is it a great way to hear about jobs, but a fantastic resource for broadening your network by connecting with other designers.

8. Australian Infront: @infront_jobs

Not only is Australian Infront a brilliant resource for the Australian jobs market, but it also comes with its unique selling point – an online market section. You can multitask by keeping up to date with new developments in the world of employment while keeping your eye on that vintage dressing table you've always craved after.

9. Krop: @krop_jobs

Krop is your one-stop-shop for jobs in the USA. Based in California, Krop fires out open positions in studios across the land. From Georgia and Boston to the Big Apple itself – it leaves no employment stone unturned.

10. Creative Pool: @Creativepool

Creative industry network, Creativepool, is full to the brim with articles and interviews from their magazine, as well as work from featured members. What stands out is its rather prolific jobs feed, which is shared on a dedicated Twitter account. For now, it's only featuring positions available in the UK – but keep an eye on their feed as this could always change.

11.The Dots Jobs: @TheDotsJobs

If you're already familiar with The Loop, then you may know The Dots. Founded by the same person, wonder woman Pip Jamieson, it's a creative network bursting at the seams with opportunities. Not only does it tweet about jobs regularly from its tailor-made Twitter account, but it also hosts a range of talks, portfolio masterclasses and networking events to make the job search a more enjoyable experience.

12. Creative Recruitment: @Creative_Rec

It's all in the name, and Creative Recruitment specialises in jobs within the creative sector. Its feed is a constant stream of vacancies intertwined with humorous and inspiring retweets to keep you going. Special shout out to Evie Darroux and Dean Cousin who've helped out at Shillington portfolio reviews. Read about what Creative Recruitment look for in junior designers in our recent interview.

13. Design Week Jobs: @DesignWeek_Jobs

Where better to look for jobs than Design Week? With a concentrated feed of jobs in a range of positions and disciplines, there's something for everyone. Your dream job may be their next tweet, so get scrolling.

14. Campaign Jobs: @CampaignJobsUK

Campaign deems itself as the world’s leading business media brand serving the marketing, advertising and media communities. Although predominantly a magazine, it also has an excellent jobs board with an array of opportunities for designers. Follow @CampaignJobsUK to stay updated with the industry's latest opportunities.

15. Authentic Jobs: @authenticjobs

Authentic Jobs is the leading jobs board for hackers, designers, and creative pros. Repping creative opportunities across America, its team are also fans of an emoji or two, which we're completely on board with.

16. Behance Jobs: @BehanceJobs

You may already have a Behance profile or have found yourself exploring the many corners of its inspiring universe. If you are reading this and thinking "Be..what?", then we'd urge you to make a profile asap! It's an easy way to connect with other designers and immerse yourself in a global creative network. Behance Jobs is as the name suggests – the jobs board element of Behance, and its Twitter feed is teeming, not only with jobs but links to great resources and articles. Keep an eye out for their 'Portfolio Reviews'.

17. Dribbble: @dribbblejobs

Dribbble is a place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design. Keep up to date with design opportunities around the globe with a steady stream via Dribbble's Twitter feed alongside the design network on its main site.

18. We Work Remotely: @weworkremotely

A jobs board with a difference, We Work Remotely is a place to find design jobs for those, you guessed it, wishing to work remotely. Why go to the work when it can come to you, right? Unrestricted by 'commutes or geographic area', WWR's feed is the place to go for remote design jobs.

19. Dsgn Jobs: @dsgnjbs

Think of Dsgn Jobs as a transformer – one giant machine comprised of many different job opportunity components. Or, to better describe it, it's the original automated feed of the best design job board posts on the web. Pulling content from other popular feeds on Twitter, Dsgn Jobs is a non-stop employment awareness machine.

20. NU Creative Talent: @NuCreativTalent

Ideal for UK-based designers, recruitment agency NU Creative Talent is at the top of its game. Tweeting ferociously about design opportunities up and down the country, there's a smorgasbord of opportunity for the taking.

21. Hello Mavis: @hello_mavis

A recruitment agency named after the founder's grandmother, Hello Mavis is a hard name to forget. Focused on the digital and creative agencies, its Twitter feed covers the latest design jobs and shares links to opinion pieces and cultural happenings.

22. For London: @FOR_LONDON

Representing creative talent in London and New York, For London is the go-to resource for employment updates with leading advertising agencies and luxury fashion brands. Right place, the right time had never felt more accurate with its feed that not only features deadline-based applications; but last-minute shout-outs across a variety of disciplines.

23. Tomorrow London: @TomorrowLondon

Independent recruitment firm for the creative industries, Tomorrow London, is across the board when it comes to employment opportunities in the sector. Contrary to what its name suggests, it reports on jobs not only within London but elsewhere in the UK and Europe. Its feed is a mix of jobs and interesting design articles so that you can stay inspired while on the job hunt.

24. Agency Bell: @agencybell

The team at Agency Bell are the perfect source for design opportunities, given that they've all personally worked in branding agencies. With an eye for detail and industry connections, their Twitter feed is abundant with opportunities to explore.

25. Cogs Agency: @cogsagency

Covering the design jobs market in London, Berlin, Singapore and Hong Kong – Cogs is certainly well-versed when it comes to securing a design role. Not only does it regularly tweet about the latest opportunities within the design industry; it also offers fantastic resource articles to help you on your journey to employment.

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