Talent Garden in Brescia, Italy is like an indoor garden for co-workers

Talent Garden is a growing global network of co-working spaces and communities for digital professionals, freelancers, startups and innovators.

With most of its branches in Italy, the brand already has 512 members worldwide, 35,000 event and in-house activity attendees and 13 campuses, including a new space in New York City. The branch we wanted to share is the one in Brescia, Northern Italy.

As you'll see from these pictures, Talent Garden is trying to foster and support a creative community in a space designed to play on its friendly brand name. It's a charming mix of eco-friendly furniture and garden design elements with the very latest tech gadgets. I guess they're also trying to hint at the little eco-system they've got going on, helping startups and innovators to grow into success stories. Check them out at talentgarden.org.

Via direct submission | All images courtesy of Talent Garden


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