The 20 best online jobs boards for graphic designers

Demand for graphic designers is at an all-time high right now, and opportunities are opening up everywhere. So whether you’re a new graduate or an old-hand looking for better prospects, it’s time to start trawling through jobs boards and finding the vacancies that fit your particular skill set.

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

Image licensed via Adobe Stock

You want to be thorough, so it pays to visit a lot of sites and make sure your dream job doesn’t slip through the net.

At Shillington, where we train students for a career in graphic design through intensive full-time or part-time courses, we know a thing or two about getting designers into jobs. So in this article, we bring you 20 sites that can help you do just that.

1. Shillington

Jobs in UK, North America, Australia

On our own jobs board, we’re very selective: we only approve and share job and internship opportunities that are respectful of designers’ time and talents. Because Shillington has campuses in London, Manchester, New York, Brisbane and Sydney, our jobs board features roles in the UK, North America and Australia. You can save time by filtering jobs by these locations.

2. Design Jobs Board

Jobs in UK, Europe, North America, Australia

Design Jobs Board aims to connect the most exceptional creative talent with the most respected agencies in the UK, Europe, North America and Australia. Jobs can be filtered by level (e.g., junior, midweight), role (design, design management) and type (internship, part-time, full-time).

3. If You Could

Jobs in: UK, Europe, Australia, remote

Part of the same group as It’s Nice That, If You Could describes itself as “the simplest way to find and advertise creative jobs”. Its recruitment adverts, most of which are based in London, are presented in a super-clean, minimalist style that’s free of clutter and lets you scan what’s on offer quickly and efficiently. (Note: there are filters on the site for jobs in Asia, North America and South America, no positions in those regions were advertised at the time of writing).

4. Design Week

Jobs in UK, North America, Australia

Veteran publication Design Week’s recruitment section features a wide range of design jobs, categorised by sector. Categories include Advertising, Architecture, Branding, Digital/Web, Direct Marketing, Editorial, Exhibition, Furniture, Graphics, Interior, Packaging, Print, Product and Retail. Most jobs are in the UK, plus a few in the US and Australia at the time of writing.

5. CreativeGuild

Jobs in UK, Europe, North America, remote

Brought to you by the people behind CreativeMornings, CreativeGuild is a membership-based online network for creative companies and people, featuring quite the international jobs board. Expect brands such as MailChimp and Adobe advertising their latest creative jobs.

6. Creativepool

Jobs in the UK, remote

Creativepool is the global creative industry network, connecting agencies, brands and artistic talent. As you’d expect, it features a great selection of job ads, across the UK, for design-related jobs in well-known companies and agencies. You can browse by company or job title.

7. Dribbble

Jobs in UK, Europe, North America, remote

Dribbble is best known as a place to showcasing your work, and getting feedback on it from fellow designers. But it’s also home to a wide variety of recruitment ads from across the world, the majority based in the USA. These ads are typically very detailed, and you can filter by job title, location, and whether jobs are full-time, part-time or freelance/contract-based.

8. The Drum

Jobs in UK

The Drum is a long-running magazine and website featuring news and features from the world of marketing. Its jobs section features hundreds of UK-based positions relating to design, advertising, marketing, digital, social media and PR. You can search by location and job category, and there’s also a pre-loaded list of frequent searches such as ‘Web development jobs in London’.

9. The Dots

Jobs in UK

The Dots is LinkedIn for creatives. And so, like LinkedIn, it can be an excellent place for career networking and finding jobs as a graphic designer, photographer, art director, creative director or account manager. To search their jobs section, you’ll need to sign up to the network, which is free but requires a little form-filling.

10. Behance

Jobs in All countries

Behance is a long-running creative platform for sharing work, which is used by many designers as their main portfolio site. Their jobs list is one of the most globally diverse on this list, with positions in Europe, the USA, Canada, India and more. There are also several freelance positions advertised under the category ‘Anywhere’. To narrow things down, you can filter by country, region, city, creative field and job type.

11. The Guardian

Jobs in UK, Europe, Asia

Established in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian, today The Guardian isn’t just one of the world’s leading liberal newspapers, it’s got a great jobs section, too. Some of the roles in the 'Design' category aren’t what you might expect (‘Lead Electric Engineer’, to take one example) but scroll through and you’ll find some more relevant roles like graphic designer and art director too, which are typically London-based.

12. University of Arts London

Jobs in UK

‘Creative Opportunities’ is a jobs board website for students and graduates at the University of the Arts London (UAL). But that doesn’t mean everyone else can’t use it too. There are some tremendous design-related jobs here, mainly London-based, and the information is beautifully laid out, making it easy to find all the relevant details quickly and easily.

13. Campaign Live

Jobs in the UK, Europe

The campaign is a long-running magazine that’s known as the Bible of the advertising industry. And its jobs page is home to a wide range of vacancies, including creative advertising, creative design and media roles. Use the filters to choose whether you want to work in an agency or in-house, what location you want to work in, and if you are looking for a freelance or permanent role. Register your email to receive the latest vacancies directly to your inbox.

14. The Loop

Jobs in Australia

The Loop is an Australian career network for creative talent, featuring jobs in graphic design, web design, UX design, art direction, video production, video editing, social media and marketing. Jobs are spread across Australia, with around half in New South Wales and around a third in Victoria.

15. Australian In Front

Jobs in Australia

Established in 1999, Australian In Front is a collaborative project space and launchpad for the country's best designers, artists, companies and other creative websites. Its jobs page is packed with jobs and internships in graphic design and branding, mainly in New South Wales and Victoria.

16. AIGA

Jobs in North America

AIGA, which stands for the American Institute of Graphic Arts, is a professional organisation for design founded in 1912 and headquartered in New York City. Its jobs page featured 146 employment opportunities at the time of writing, across a wide range of US cities and states, including designers, managers and educators.

17. Authentic Jobs

Jobs in North America

Authentic Jobs is a leading jobs board in the digital design spaces, used by big recruiters including the New York Times, Tesla and Mercedes. Most jobs are based in North America, although there is the occasional international listing, as well as some remote working jobs.

18. Coroflot

Jobs in North America

Based in New York, Coroflot is on a mission is to connect designers with meaningful and creative opportunities. With clients including Microsoft, Nokia, Landor, Nike and Intel, its jobs board is large and active. Although its scope is global, in practice, most jobs are based in North America.

19. Krop

Jobs in North America

Founded in 2000, Krop advertises jobs in the creative, design and tech fields, as well as offering a portfolio website building service. Most positions are based in North America.

20. Talent Zoo

Jobs in North America

Talent Zoo is a source of advertising, marketing, and media jobs, as well as salary information and career advice. You'll find art director, creative director and marketing designer jobs advertised here, predominantly in North America.

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