12 quality websites featuring mockups for your graphic design projects

Mockups can help speed up your graphic design work and give you time to be more creative. We bring together 12 fantastic places to find quality mockups.

Various Formats

Various Formats

In the graphic design world of 2023, it's getting more and more difficult to make your work stand out. So it's vital to ensure your designs are presented in the best possible light, not only on your site but also across the web.

To stay ahead of the portfolio arms race in this social media age, finding high-quality mockups has become essential to make your designs shine. To help you in this quest, we have compiled a list of 12 websites with excellent mockups that will take your graphic design projects to new heights.

By utilising the resources provided by these 12 websites, you can help your graphic design case studies, and portfolios look even better and give yourself an edge over the competition. Whether you are looking for realistic device mockups, elegant branding presentations, or eye-catching packaging displays, these platforms offer a wide range of options to help you shine.

Read on to discover the best-kept secrets in mockup design.

1. The Mockups

Here's a great place to start if you're looking for ultra-realistic PSD mockups. This site's signature combination of neutral and unique aesthetics helps you to enhance your website, portfolio and social media in just a few clicks.

These top-quality templates are created by The Brand Identity, an independent graphic design resource with a global reach, showcasing the best projects, companies and products relevant to the industry. You'll find mockups for laptops, posters, billboards, paper bags, business cards and more.

2. Mockup Maison

Based in Zurich and promising "real light, real shadows, no renderings", Mockup Maison makes it easy to put you and your work into the proper spotlight with high-quality PSD and video mockups. Their collections cover a variety of everyday, studio and city scenes from around the world, and there's a clearly labelled list of free mockups to get started with.

Digital mockups include laptops, phones and tablets. Out-of-home mockups include A-frames, banners, billboards, screens, signs and trucks. There are also publication mockups (books, magazines, newspapers), identity mockups (business cards, coasters, envelopes and menus) and object mockups (badges, bags, beverages, frames, lighters and more.)

Mockup Maison

Mockup Maison

3. Artboard Studio

Artboard Studio's exclusive mockup and template library make creating stunning visuals and animations effortlessly simple. More than 10,000 handcrafted mockups are here to showcase your products, covering almost every eventuality you could think of. And there's an easy interface for customising your designs, enabling you to work with vectors, images, videos and audio all in one place.

4. Pixeden Club

Since its founding in 2010, Pixeden Pixeden has offered high-quality web and design assets you won't find anywhere else. As designers and developers themselves, they know how to make their resources easy to use while giving daily inspiration to users. As well as mockups, you'll find textures, backgrounds, text effects and other resources here.

5. Layers Design

Layers Design is a creative resource agency producing visuals that are true to life, enabling designers to focus more on design and less on template creation. Its Adobe Photoshop mockups cover a wide range of categories, including clothing, devices, OOH, packaging, print, products and retail. There's also a help guide with details on how to use the mockups, and you can also request bespoke mockups for specific projects.



6. Supply by Semplice

Semplice is a WordPress-based portfolio tool, and Supply is its collection of premium resources for designers with the future of product design in mind. Here you'll find the kind of forward-thinking mockups you won't find elsewhere: everything from exterior poster and signage mockups to premium black flag mockups, minimalist watch mockups to automobile dashboard mockups, and more.

7. Unblast

Unblast is a growing library of free design resources made by some of the world's best designers, including fonts, templates, icons and graphics here. There are many free, customisable Photoshop mockup templates too, and they cover a lot of niche uses. Ones that caught our eye include a soap bar packaging mockup, a matchbook mockup, a bucket hat mockup and a transparent tape mockup, but there are plenty more besides.

8. Art Directed

Art Directed offers higher quality, elevated mockups for the new age of design presentations, featuring real photography and shadows, layered PSD files with smart objects and a keen eye for detail. Used by the likes of Nike, Monotype, Canva, Pentagram and Interbrand, you can't go wrong with these premium mockups created by designers for designers. Categories include device mockups, out-of-home mockups, print mockups, poster mockups and apparel mockups.

Art Directed

Art Directed

9. Mr Mockup

Want a resource that's all about mockups and nothing else? Then check out Mr Mockup, which offers unique, professional and clean PSD mockups. It's a side project of Noeeko, a creative studio focused on graphic design and brand identity, and bundles include outdoor branding mockups, sunlight branding mockups, hard book cover mockups, coffee mockups, stationery mockups, mood board mockups, magazine mockups and plenty more. There are some great free mockups here too.

10. Supply Family

Supply Family was started by graphic designer Krists Darzins and 3D designer Marcis Lokis to make it easy for creatives around the world to showcase their best work. So whether you're a graphic designer, illustrator, or motion designer, you'll find a variety of device and branding mockups, graphic effects templates and typefaces to make your work truly shine.

11. Bendito Mockup

Andrea, Álvaro and Alberto, a team of designers born and based in Southern Spain, created Bendito Mockup to respond to their own needs as creatives. "We fell in love with the idea of creating unorthodox mockups that could help us with our projects at Al Alimón Studio," they explain. You can buy mockups bundles here, such as the 'Wine Wine Wine Collection' or the 'Office Collection', or curate your own mockups collection instead.

Bendito Mockup

Bendito Mockup

12. Various Formats

Various Formats is a creative resource agency founded by Rich Smalley, based in Melbourne, Australia. It aims to help designers, illustrators, and directors showcase their concepts through class-leading visuals. They currently have three series of customisable PSDs on their website, and all are focused around sunny, out-of-home scenes.


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