Shaping the future of graphic design, with Paula Scher

What does the future of graphic design look like? And how can today's emerging designers stay relevant in a fast-paced world? These are just some of the questions we posed to Paula Scher, one of the world's most influential graphic designers, as we kick off season six of The Creative Boom Podcast.

Described as the "master conjurer of the instantly familiar", Scher straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in her iconic work, which can be seen just about everywhere you look. From the New York Public Theatre and MoMa to Tiffany & Co, Coca-Cola and Microsoft Windows, as well as iconic album covers for The Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and Bob Dylan – Paula has had a phenomenal career thus far and continues to push boundaries as a partner at Pentagram.

In a typical project in 2012, Scher created a new logo for Windows 8 that took it back to its roots as a window. We touch on this during our chat and discover how she helped the global brand re-imagine its older four-colour symbol as a more modern geometric shape. It's typical of her no-nonsense approach to graphic design, which continues to be in huge demand today. And it's something any of us can learn from.

In fact, Paula has just released a new course for BBC Maestro, simply titled Graphic Design. It promises to explore the techniques central to successful visual communication, drawing on her own experiences in the field and offering exclusive insight into both her singular vision and innovative practices that have shaped today's industry.

But we also wanted to know her thoughts on self-promotion, why she has never liked social media, and – most importantly – where she thinks AI is heading and how it might shape the future of graphic design.

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