Art fundraiser A Letter In Mind is back, and it needs your help

The National Brain Appeal's art fundraiser A Letter in Mind has returned for the ninth year, and it's put the call out to artists and celebrities to get involved. This year's theme is 'A Sense of Movement', and all you need to take part is an envelope.

The last few years have seen NHS hospitals and workers put under considerable strain. To give something back, both in terms of proceeds and moral support, The National Brain Appeal is hosting its annual art fundraiser, A Letter in Mind. Artists, patients and supporters are invited to get involved by getting creative on an envelope and posting it to the charity.

Once they've been received, these envelopes will be exhibited at Gallery Different in Fitzrovia, central London, as well as being sold on the charity's online gallery from 3-6 November 2022. The artworks will be exhibited anonymously, and every single one will be priced identically at £85. Only once the exhibition is over and the artwork has been sold will the identity of the artists be revealed.

With high profile names having been attracted to A Letter in Mind since it first launched in 2014, bidders could potentially scoop up works from Grayson Perry, Tracey Emin, and Sir Anthony Gormley for £85. Plus, they get to support all the hard-working staff at the NHS and raise funds for projects at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery and UCL Institute of Neurology in London's Queen Square. It's a win-win.

Speaking of Grayson Perry, the seasoned veteran of A Letter in Mind, said: "Creating artwork on an envelope for The National Brain Appeal's A Letter in Mind exhibition is a simple and wonderful way to show your support for the NHS. The charity injects an air of mystery and fun into the event, with the artist behind each piece remaining anonymous until their work is sold.

"It is also accessible, with all pieces priced identically at £85. The money raised goes towards helping people with neurological conditions and supporting vital projects at The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery."

Eva Tait, the curator of A Letter in Mind, said: "Our ninth exhibition takes its inspiration from all that we have been missing over the last few years, such as travelling to far-off places, experiencing new activities and moving through life in a stimulating world.

"Whether you feel that change is in the air or you prefer to take the theme literally, we hope that you'll be inspired by this year's focus for A Letter in Mind. We are looking forward to seeing how artists show us what 'A Sense of Movement' means to them whilst raising vital funds for The National Brain Appeal."

Are you feeling inspired to get creative and support the NHS? If so, you've got until 30 September 2022 to grab an envelope, adorn it with your artwork, and post it to The National Brain. For full details on how to get involved, read the instructions on the A Letter in Mind website.


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