Creative Boom releases new prints by leading artists on the theme of mental well-being

It's Mental Health Awareness Week. To mark the occasion, we asked seven leading artists and designers to produce a bespoke art print for Creative Boom's online shop. The theme? A focus on mental health and well-being, acting as a reminder to take it easy and look after ourselves.

Sleep by Murugiah. Exclusively available via the [Creative Boom Shop](

Sleep by Murugiah. Exclusively available via the Creative Boom Shop

It's been almost six months since we launched our shop, selling exclusive prints by leading artists and designers, including Luis Mendo, Wendy Wong, Noma Bar, and Sarah Boris. For our third shop drop, we've collaborated with Imogen Crossland, Murugiah, MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson, Haley Tippmann, Abbey Lossing, Fuchsia MacAree, and Jango Jim.

All have answered the brief to create a piece of art that reminds us of calm and good mental health, and about the things we do to feel good. All of their creations will only be sold in Creative Boom's shop and never elsewhere – guaranteed.

Each artwork is printed in the UK and Germany on the finest art papers, using the latest print technology. And we're proud to say that all postage, cloud storage, energy and travel are 100% carbon neutral, as we've partnered with the top-rated printer in Europe with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our shop also builds on Creative Boom's mission: to celebrate, inspire and support the creative community, one we've championed since 2009. And in that light, we share half of all profits with those we collaborate with and donate 10% of our own portion to Create, the UK's leading charity empowering lives through the creative arts.

Read on to find more about our next seven prints to go on sale in our shop and the people and stories behind them.

1. Sleep by Murugiah

Murugiah is an award-winning artist and designer based in London, born and raised in the UK with Sri Lankan heritage. Describing his style as "surreal, joyful and loud", he uses bright and bold colours along with detailed compositions to bring us art that is psychedelic, explosive and out of this world.

Exclusively for Creative Boom, Murugiah has created Sleep, a piece of art that encourages us to rest. It features Murugiah's little character called MURU. "In this chaotic world we live in where everything, everywhere all at once comes at us on a daily basis, the idea of taking a break can even be a daunting one," says Murugiah. "Sleep is one of the most important things we as human beings do to recharge, to improve our health, both mental and physical. So I hope in picking up a copy of 'sleep' fans can hang the print up to remind them to rest, take a break, relax and eventually get some sleep."

Sleep by Murugiah

Sleep by Murugiah

2. I Feel Tender Toward The World by Fuchsia MacAree

Fuchsia MacAree is an award-winning Dublin-based illustrator whose clients include Google, Facebook, and Airbnb. For Creative Boom, she has created an exclusive artwork, I Feel Tender Toward The World, reminding us to enjoy calm. "In making this piece I was thinking about mindfulness and being present in the moment, and noticing small changes of light around me," she explains.

"Observational drawing feels therapeutic so taking some time to focus on a small detail, like the refraction of light in a glass of flowers, felt like an exercise in mindfulness in itself! The line is from The Country Girls by Edna O'Brien. It makes me think of being in those fleeting frames of mind where the world is exciting and new, and normal objects take on an otherworldly quality."

I Feel Tender Toward The World by Fuchsia MacAree

I Feel Tender Toward The World by Fuchsia MacAree

3. Serene Bloom by Abbey Lossing

Abbey Lossing is an illustrator based in Austin, Texas. Her work is bold, colourful and weaves together patterns and figures with playful energy. She loves to draw crowd scenes, cityscapes, intimate portraits, and anything else you can dream up.

For Creative Boom, Abbey has created an exclusive art print titled Serene Bloom. "The biggest stress reliever for me is being out in nature, so I wanted to communicate that feeling through this illustration," she explains.

Serene Bloom by Abbey Lossing

Serene Bloom by Abbey Lossing

4. Kumquat by Haley Tippmann

American illustrator Haley Tippmann is from Rochester, New York, but currently living and working in Koblenz, Germany. She loves to focus on people and places throughout her work, describing her style as "bold and loose" with lots of "earthy tones".

For Creative Boom, Haley has created this bespoke piece of art titled Kumquat. "The inspiration behind it is from a picture I took at the local plant shop," she explains. "Going to the garden centre is one of the things I do to relax and you can never have too many plants. It’s also calming for me to take care of plants and rewarding."

Kumquat by Haley Tippmann

Kumquat by Haley Tippmann

5. Wow Such Chill by Jango Jim

Jim Jango is an artist based in Belgium who loves to make happy colourful psychedelic animations, illustrations, comix and murals. His favourite projects are those where he can combine playful creativity, humour and iconic visuals.

For Creative Boom, Jango Jim has created Wow Such Chill, as a reminder that we all need a holiday now and again. "During a busy week, an impulsive trip to the countryside in the south of Belgium reminded me how good it feels to slow down in nature," he explains. "I love the way vintage toy playsets look like little universes you want to visit and wanted to create that vibe. I added the text based on the Doge meme to mix nature with internet culture and emphasize the message to take it easy."

Wow Such Chill by Jango Jim

Wow Such Chill by Jango Jim

6. Harmony Beats Envy by MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson

MAMIMU aka June Mineyama-Smithson is a Japanese artist and graphic designer on a mission to inject a little optimism into the world. Based in London, June loves uncovering "delights from everyday life" and turning them into bold joyful patterns.

Exclusively for Creative Boom, MAMIMU has created Harmony Beats Envy, a bespoke piece of art inspired by the article Jealous Much: Creative Jealousy and Various Shades of Green, which June co-authored with her fellow creative Dani Molyneux. It's a print that expresses the mindset shift from envy to harmony in MAMIMU's signature geometric patterns.

"In the light of social media, it's easy to feel envious and insecure," June says. "But I believe that there are abundant opportunities for everyone in the world and someone's success doesn't rob yours. This work is a visual reminder for everyone including myself."

Harmony Beats Envy by MAMIMU

Harmony Beats Envy by MAMIMU

7. I Smell Spring by Imogen Crossland

Imogen Crossland is an artist and illustrator based in Manchester who loves to celebrate colour, joy and togetherness, creating work that is "an ode to good times".

For Creative Boom, Imogen has created an exclusive artwork titled I Smell Spring. It pays homage to the lighter nights, warmer days and how we all feel better once the darkness of a cold winter is behind us.

I Smell Spring by Imogen Crossland

I Smell Spring by Imogen Crossland


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