Football Crest Index: exploring the evolution of crest design in the beautiful game

Design plays a surprisingly important role in the beautiful game, with every football kit displaying one symbol that represents each club – the football crest.

Kickstarter project The Football Crest Index has documented the history of these designs, beautifully illustrating the evolution of football crest design over time.

This independent publication charts the 49 clubs to have graced the Premier League since its inception, looking at the development of each crest design throughout the clubs history. Forty-nine designers, who individually support each club, were hand-picked to produce original artwork representing their club's identity.

Following the success of the sell-out first volume, The Football Crest Index is back, now seeking to reprint volume one with crest updates, edits and a new cover, as well as publish a new book – this time, detailing the history behind the crests of 34 clubs to have graced Serie A.

Serie A was selected following a Twitter poll, asking fans which league should next be covered in print, and 34 new designers, illustrators and artists have now been brought together to produce bespoke artwork to represent each club.

The new book is set to published & designed by AKT and printed by Leycol. To find out more and support the project, visit the Kickstarter page.


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