Krista Skehan's colourful paintings that collide with a love of California coastal cool

San Francisco-based Krista Skehan is a designer and artist whose obsession with colour has collided with her love for Californian coastal cool.

All images courtesy of Krista Skehan

All images courtesy of Krista Skehan

She paints "life-on-the-beach" that's bold, bright, wildly playful, and crave-worthy – from umbrella-popping seascapes and beach vibes to poolside poses, tidelines, tanlines and crazy colourful bathing beauties.

"I am an unapologetic expressive. I paint because, on an atomic level, it energises and stretches me," says Krista. "It is the most fulfilling kind of hard work. It brings up questions of talent, growth, longing and memories. When I feel something, I want to experience it in an artistic and expressive way. I want to share that experience with people because I am inspired when that kind of out-pouring of love and life is shared with me."

Based in Menlo Park, California with her husband Dan and two daughters Molly and Emily, Krista is also the owner and creative director at creative studio, Personify. You can discover more of her California artworks at or follow her on Instagram.


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