Juli ​Bolaños-Durman's help in staying creative (and sane) as lockdown continues

As lockdown – at some degree, at least – continues, it's likely there's still a fair few kids (and their grownups) in need of a little creative inspiration. For those who find themselves stuck, look to artist Juli ​Bolaños-Durman and their Stay Creative with Juli initiative.

The award-winning Costa Rican-born, Scotland-based artist and designer, Juli Bolaños-Durman has created a series of illustrations to print or download to an iPad from Bolaños-Durman's dedicated website section. The idea is that children, or anyone, in fact, can colour in the artist's illustrations and in doing so create their very own piece of art.​

Bolaños-Durman has also created time-lapse videos to help guide users in the process, which can also be seen on the site or their Instagram profile @julibd_com.

"In this day and age we are constantly reminded of the urgency to be productive, where the notion' time is money' is always upon us like a heavy gorilla on our shoulders," says Bolaños-Durman, taking an unusual metaphor, but one we're pretty into. "The pandemic we are now experiencing has instead shown us the importance of connecting in this revitalising sacred space where we can self-regulate and heal from a place of joy.

"I'm hoping this project is a small way to keep families occupied and creative during this time. It's great ​to share this simple tool with ​the community, and I look forward to seeing everyone's work."

All participants are encouraged to share their work on Instagram using the hashtag #staycreative.


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