Slanted magazine's latest issue explores the creative scene in Tokyo

The latest issue of Slanted is heavily inspired by Tokyo, following a visit there by the magazine's editorial team. Focusing on the local design scene, issue #31 includes features and interviews with Japanese creatives such as &Form, Shin Akiyama, Tatsuya Ariyama, Dainippon Type Organization, Terada Hideji, Hitomi Sago Design Office, Ian Lynam Design and Yosuke Yamaguchi.

"A year ago, the Slanted team dove into Tokyo – with their friends Renna Okubo and Ian Lynam preventing them from drowning – to take an intense look at the contrasting design scene," explains Slanted. "The Japanese capital is a unique place. With its clean streets, punctual transportation and polite service at every turn, Tokyo is more than just a well-run city. It unites cultural extremes: it is a city where the futuristic meets the traditional and tranquillity meets speed."

Available to purchase via Or you can get your hands on a limited special edition, which comes with an illustrated booklet, that has been printed on risograph, as well as a photo book showcasing different facets of life in Tokyo by seven renowned photographers.


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