Inclusive Queering typeface draws inspiration from LGBT+ paraphernalia

Launched to coincide with Pride Month, Queering is an open-source typeface that emulates the lettering found on protest posters and queer publications. And as well as looking amazing, it's raising money for a good cause.

Created by Adam Naccarato, a New York-based senior graphic designer at Arts & Letters Co, Queering is a bold display font "built with Queerness in mind." According to Adam, this personal project features a stylistic "sans-sometimes-slab-sometimes-whatever" type font build. In other words, it's super flexible, which is appropriate.

Designed to be inclusive and open source, Queering also comes with a set of Unicode emojis made up of the Pride Flag, a rainbow, and a broad spectrum of gender symbols, to name but a few. On top of that, queer-themed iconography is available in the shape of glyphs, which users can add in-line.

Representing something of a digital evolution of queer-related typography, Queering takes its cues from the lettering found on protest posters and queer publications such as Butt and Come Out. Adam adds that a lot of inspiration and credit "goes to the wonderful readings of Paul Souleliis and the many others researching queer-focused design and typography."

"The name, Queering, comes from the activity of 'Queering a Space' – transgressing what is seen as fixed categories – such as gender and sexuality," Adam adds on the Queering project page. "Queering is intended to be an open-source font with inclusivity in mind."

As if Queering didn't sound good enough already, it's also free to download, so there's nothing to stop you from showing your true colours or showing your support as an ally.

If you decide to chip in some money with the pay-what-you-want donation system, your money will go towards the Ali Forney LGBT+ Center in Harlem, which provides life-saving housing for queer youths. Are you interested? Of course you are. Click to download Queering here.


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