Manchester United's new clothing collection contains a secret message inspired by Peter Saville

Adidas has paired up two of Manchester's biggest icons with a new apparel collection for the Red Devils that takes its lead from the work of legendary art director and designer Peter Saville.

Created in collaboration with sports branding agency Homeground, this new chapter of the Manchester United x Peter Saville collection builds on the first release dropped in April 2022. Whereas it previously took inspiration from Saville's Unknown Pleasures album artwork for Joy Division, this time, the collection references the iconic colour wheel that appears in his New Order album covers.

This design influence can be seen on items such as the statement tracksuit, long sleeve jersey top and shorts. Each is emblazoned with the symbols that appear on Saville's famous sleeve for Blue Monday, which notoriously spawned the tale that it was so expensive to produce that it actually lost the band money upon release.

Far from being just an aesthetically pleasing set of design hieroglyphics, these shapes and colours designed by Saville corresponded to a colour wheel he created that appeared on the back of New Order's second album, Power, Corruption & Lies. By carefully matching them up, astute fans could decode the message FAC 73 BLUE MONDAY AND THE BEACH NEW ORDER running down the side of the sleeve.

The code makes a return in this new collection, as the shapes and colours on the new apparel range spell out the City Manchester's Latin motto, 'Concilio et Labore', which loosely translates as 'by wisdom and effort'. Given that this motto also appears on Manchester United's crest, it's a neat way of tying together two of the city's biggest icons.

Described by the creative team as "distinctly Manc", the new collection stays true to its roots by exploring themes of the city's identity, specifically those of hard work and craft. Further to last year's collection, the new wave includes T-shirts, long sleeves, plus half zips and track pants that will be worn in training and pre-match ahead of the Manchester derby.

As well as clothing, the new collection is accompanied by a concept album titled, Sound of Manchester. This two-sided vinyl record includes undiluted Old Trafford crowd sound from Manchester United's season-defining 1993 match, which ended in Sir Alex Ferguson's first-ever league title. Meanwhile, the other side contains a narration evoking the power of Manchester culture narrated by John Cooper-Clarke.

Unfortunately, the concept album titled Sound of Manchester won't be available for general sale, and only a limited number have been pressed. However, the first 25 people to make a purchase at Piccadilly Records in Manchester on Friday 3 November will be able to receive this free and exclusive work of Manchester art.

To accompany the launch of the collection, Homeground shots still with Benedict Redgrove that see players working in a stylised vinyl factory. And bringing the whole release full circle is a record sleeve that has, of course, been designed by Peter Saville himself.


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