Manchester agency Music's slick new graphics for London Fashion Week Men's

As the capital's most chiselled menfolk sashay down the catwalk this week for London Fashion Week Men’s, the event marking the reason for their struts bears some slick and pared-back new branding for Manchester-based agency Music.

According to Music, which creates new branding for the biannual showcase each time the event rolls round, the new look "shows a simple, timeless template", used across applications including online, hoardings, event graphics, and stationery. The reason for the simplicity of the graphic look and feel is so that there's scope for the designers to allow "blocks of seasonal colours, interesting paper stocks, print finishes and sharp black and white imagery to dominate the creative."

This grid system means that each event's branding carries a cohesive look and feel, but uses unique colours, shapes and finishes.


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