Hundreds and Thousands by Liz West brings a spectrum of colours to The Tide

She brought us the dazzling installation at Paddington Central's Westway Bridge and a stunning rainbow chandelier at The Met. Now the British artist Liz West is launching a colourful new piece at Greenwich Peninsula in London, wrapping an entire glass walkway by the Thames with her rainbow signature style.

Titled Hundreds and Thousands, the installation envelops the vast façade at The Tide, a remarkable elevated path that offers amazing river views. Liz was commissioned by the team at Greenwich Peninsula as part of an ongoing exploration of colour and scale, and to benefit the local community by bringing something vibrant and joyful to the area.

It's arrived just in time for the warmer months, as you can visit (for free) from today and walk along the 700-metre kaleidoscopic pathway, enjoying the spectrum of colours, which the artist believes is "reminiscent of the symbol of hope and resilience demonstrated by the public throughout the last year".

As you'll discover, colour panels have transformed the glass balustrades of The Tide, creating a rhythmic display of bright shades and luminous stripes to the striking architecture – all based on West's research into wellbeing, human colour perception and light fields. And depending on the time of day, you'll see different light reflections, which also pays homage to The Tide's own geography and proximity to the Greenwich meridian line by behaving as a sundial.

"The experience of seeing my work as you move along and around The Tide gives you a multicoloured and rich visual experience that will hopefully trigger feelings of wellbeing and joy," says Liz of her work. "It unveils unexpected delights for the senses, much like encountering the overwhelming cacophony of colour and shapes when walking into a sweet shop; the multicoloured pattern never repeats itself; juicy reflections on nearby surfaces; a spectral sundial on a sunny day."

If you're able to pop along, you'll be allowed to enjoy Hundreds and Thousands at your own pace, as well as through a series of events which include an 'In Conversation With' talk on Tuesday 6 April with Liz West herself. Later, on 29 May, Hundreds and Thousands and The Tide will become a vibrant catwalk showcasing women's wear designer Kitty Joseph colourful designs.

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