Give your old t-shirt new life with a screen-printed design courtesy of Anthony Burrill

Later this month, Jealous Gallery in Shoreditch is hosting a screenprinting event in collaboration with graphic artist, printmaker and designer, Anthony Burrill and Oxfam to give your old t-shirts a new lease of life.

All images courtesy of Jealous Gallery and Oxfam

All images courtesy of Jealous Gallery and Oxfam

Burrill has screen-printed over letterpress prints that would normally be recycled, re-using them to create new unique pieces and will be live screenprinting onto your second-hand tees over the weekend of 29 August.

You can take along your own garments to print on (for a small contribution), or you can choose from a supply of beautiful planet-friendly tees in the gallery.

The event is in support of Oxfam’s Second Hand September campaign, which encourages people to pledge to say "no" to new items of clothing for one month. Every week, 11 million items of clothing apparently end up in landfill and shockingly, the total number of clothes sent to UK landfill every year weighs almost as much as the Empire State Building.

Fast fashion is harming people and our planet and, in spite of this enormous challenge, Oxfam is striving to reduce this figure, currently saving around 47 million items of clothing from going to landfill every year.

Fee Gilfeather, Oxfam’s sustainability expert, said: "Being creative and jazzing up a t-shirt we’ve fallen out of love with by applying a screenprint is the perfect way to revive our wardrobes, without purchasing new clothing. We hope tips and tricks like this will encourage people to sign up to Second Hand September and take on the challenge of buying no new garments for the month. By buying second hand, or making do with what we have, we can all play a part in reducing the mountains of clothing sent to landfill."

The money raised from the sales of second-hand clothes in Oxfam’s shops on the high street and online brings clean water, food and shelter to people living in refugee camps. It sends girls to school, fights for women to be paid a fair wage in decent working conditions, and helps men and women farmers acquire the skills and materials they need to feed their families and work their way out of poverty.

Anthony Burrill x Oxfam x Jealous kicks off at Jealous Gallery on Curtain Road, Shoreditch on 29 August and runs until 1 September 2019.


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