A new series of toys highlights the real Frontline Heroes of the global pandemic

Museum of Toys, a platform for artists and toy designers, has created Frontline Heroes, a set of 12 toy characters that champions the keyworkers of the Covid-19 crisis.

All images courtesy of and copyright of Museum of Toys

All images courtesy of and copyright of Museum of Toys

Designed by toy designer Jeremy Jap, art director Maggie Michella, and Museum of Toys' Win Satrya, the characters will be available for auction from 29 August with all proceeds going to the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help in the fight against the pandemic.

The series consists of a doctor, nurse, radiologist, paramedic, ambulance driver, pulmonologist, lab technician, hospital housekeeper, hospital administrator, security, pharmacist, and researcher. Besides highlighting the different vital roles, Frontline Heroes is inspired by real-life heroes from all over the world. The characters are only one of a kind – each designed, hand-painted, and crafted at home.

One such toy is named Huang, inspired by Lia Hua, an ambulance driver who "worked day and night, transferring over 100 patients daily during the outbreak in Wuhan, China". Then there's Imani, inspired by Naomi Thomas, a lead housekeeper in South Carolina, USA, who "coordinated disinfecting patient rooms to ensure safety for all staff". Dr Ruth is based on Dr Mark Benzimra, a respiratory physician who "bravely volunteered to be part of the Covid respiratory response team in Australia".

These are real-life heroes, celebrated in toy form. To get your hands on one and help the Museum of Toys raise lots of money for WHO to fight coronavirus, the toys will be available for auction via motmuseum.com from 29 August until 12 September 2020.


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