Foilco 30: StudioDBD celebrates Foilco's 30th year with 30 quotes from leading creatives

Turning 30 can be quite a milestone. And 2017 marks 30 years since Foilco first opened its doors. The company has had great pleasure working closely with a host of talented creatives over the years and decided that it would be a great idea to ask some of the world’s best, to offer a few words of advice. So they posed a simple question: "If you could go back to the start of your career, what advice would you give your younger self?"

Calling upon the talents of StudioDBD, aka Manchester designer Dave Sedgwick, they decided to create a new book containing inspirational quotes from the likes of Astrid Stavro, Mr Bingo, Anthony Burrill, Malika Favre and Jean Jullien, which also features examples of Foilco’s range of foils and a collection of different techniques.

"We knew that turning 30 this year was a great opportunity for us to take stock and produce something different and interesting for designers and creatives. What better way than to ask for some pearls of wisdom from some of the world’s best, so we asked 30 influential people within the industry to give us 30 inspiring quotes," says Matt Hornby, one of the company’s directors.

"We discussed a number of ideas with StudioDBD and they suggested the idea of the 30 x 30 book. After StudioDBD worked on the design and created the overall feel of the book, we worked with Pressision Creative Print & Finishing to produce the prints, for both the book and the postcards. We are also grateful to GF.Smith for all their support with Colorplan papers and all the advice they gave during this project.

"We feel the foils look at their best on the Colorplan stocks and they really compliment the personal and informative advice offered from the contributors. We are extremely proud of the 30 x 30 book and can’t wait for people to see it."

The book has been printed on a very exclusive basis, with only a handful produced. For those not wishing to miss out on this incredible project an interactive website featuring all of the quotes, has also been created:


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