Barcelona studio Device gets musical with six animations to celebrate Primavera Sound's 20th birthday

Barcelona animation studio Device has created six fun animations to help Primavera Sound mark its 20th anniversary this summer. After a difficult two years for the festival circuit, the renowned music weekender is back in six different cities around the world, promising to be its biggest celebration to date.

Taking influences from music memorabilia, albums, vintage greeting cards and retro video games, Device studied each location where the festivals will be held, referencing notable hotspots but keeping the essence of each city throughout. All six spots take us on a musical journey, following festival-goers who make their way to see their favourite acts in Barcelona, Porto, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Santiago de Chile and Buenos Aires.

If you take a closer look at each animation, you'll see that music is an underlying theme even down to the tiniest detail. Whether it's turning on the radio, playing vinyl from a rooftop, or playing the guitar in a waiting room, these little moments of motion allow us to rewatch and rediscover something new every time.

The animations form part of a wider brand refresh, announcing the festival's new identity which has been rolled out to its new website and social media profiles and includes new poster designs for each destination – ones that hint at vintage travel ads from a different era.

The full production equates to more than three minutes of animation spread over more than 50 scenes. The entire project was directed by Guille Comin and Giorgio Gore, who worked collaboratively with animators and illustrators to build up each scene frame by frame using various 2D and 3D techniques. "With the client having last-minute needs, we had to quickly produce the full campaign within a month, working with a large remote team, several based in different timezones," says the studio. "The project demanded we keep a tight workflow, updating the progress in real-time to ensure the production was on track and would be completed before the deadline."

If festivals are important to you, and you've missed standing in a field these last two summers, then you might find yourself feeling a little emotional as you watch each animation, while learning of each event's line-up.


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