Artist Quentin Jones launches her first interiors collection for Habitat

We've long been fans of Quentin Jones and are rather excited to reveal that she has launched her first capsule collection for Habitat with many of her original artworks reimagined across textiles for the home.

Structured typography, bold primary colours, fluid freehand lines and figurative elements are assembled in Quentin’s signature style, each artwork reworked by hand into rugs and cushions, each showcasing a different hand-finished technique from one of Habitat’s oldest textiles suppliers.

“My artworks are often very layered, with a mix of photography, painting and moving image," she says, "it doesn’t translate obviously into interior pieces. But I have a strong sense for how I like my home’s interiors to be, which sits as the underpinning to lots of my work that hangs on the walls. I love simple monochromatic, and primary palettes that echo the Bauhaus and Constructivism. I am drawn to bold graphic shapes, with minimal fuss which might be from having grown up in the house of two architect parents, who were keen minimalists."

Quentin adds: "One strand of thought that runs through my work is 'coincidence' – I think most collage artists play with this. I play with connections between two converging materials, and the surprises that result from this. I wanted this to play out in my pieces for Habitat, despite not using photography and so I turned my eye to typography colliding with hand painted lines and shapes, and of course, was drawn to playing with elements of the human face which becomes a central motif here."

You can discover the new collection, Quentin Jones for Habitat, at


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