Adam Handler brings his endearing ghosts and lovable monsters to London

New York-based artist Adam Handler brings his arsenal of supernatural characters to D'Stassi Art as part of his first London solo exhibition. Depicting a brilliantly saturated and one-of-a-kind universe, his paintings are a kindly and whimsical reflection on the transience of life.

Suitably titled Ghosts, Adam's exhibition runs until 5 December 2021 and boasts the largest selection of his beloved ghost paintings to be shown in one place. As if that wasn't exciting enough, they will be accompanied by new and familiar characters, including monsters, UFOs, and mysterious wolf creatures.

Unfolding through the gallery in an installation of soft clouds, Ghosts cleverly mimics the nature of Adam's hazy, otherworldly work. A total of 45 monumental paintings will tower around visitors as they make their way through the exhibition, giving them a unique opportunity to study their boldly hued backdrops of rain, polka dots, drips of paint and wild flora.

Having already impressed fans with an earlier series of friendly wide-eyed ghosts and abstract girls, Ghosts sees Adam push the emotions of his figures further, both metaphorically and physically. "Whether standing alone or paired with companions as in 'Magnolia Ghost Buddies' (2021), the unexpectedly warm and nostalgic characters have evolved to testify to today's uncertainty," says the gallery.

Meanwhile, recent paintings from 2021, including "With you ghost" and "You are the best Ghost", see Adam introduce text into his work. Sweet accompanying messages like 'I miss you' provide another entry point for viewers. Still, when positioned next to a cute ghost, they take on a new meaning that will be wholly specific to the viewer and their own personal readings.

D'Stassi Art adds: "As the reality of destiny and its unpredictability renders itself more visible, Handler's works have become more complex, relatable, and dystopian than their earlier counterparts."

This tension and playfulness are perhaps best displayed in his paintings of ghosts caught in the blindingly colourful tractor beams of UFOs. Simultaneously playing with the ideas of displacement and spirituality, these images show Adam coming to terms with the psychological and physical consequences of our unpredictable modern world.


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