Legendary artist Jan Kaláb's circular layered sculptures of colour and geometric form

The kaleidoscope of rainbow layers that make up Jan Kaláb's latest 3D artworks is meant to present a "graphic metaphor of the world, where we can identify and feel the tension between one layer and the other of a surface apparently liquid, where the image transcends its limits until it comes to mutual contamination".

Originally a pioneering graffiti artist in the Czech Republic, his latest exhibition entitled ZOOOM at MAGMA gallery in Bologna this month will present sixteen sculptures follow his typical style, using a wealth of colours and geometry to create interesting abstract forms.

Among the exhibited works, Blue Sun 0817 is considered a very important step in the artist's research and a stylistic breakthrough carefully developed. In this painting, some parts seem to be enlarged or zoomed under the look of a microscope. The dynamic and vibrant effect of this new technique makes it one of the most representative works of the exhibition.

Jan’s works bare their own organic imperfection. A thin membrane separates these small cells 'evolving' from the underlying background, white and aseptic. The potential existence of these colourful new lives must take up space, by creating a pulsating chromatic energy. The show will present also his classical and appreciated circular canvases in various dimensions, a magnificent sculpture and a fascinating bas-relief.


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