Architectural photography series celebrates clean lines and symmetry

There's something altogether soothing about this series by Finnish photographer, Tapio Koivula. In a similar vein to Instagram's obsession with symmetry and grids, Koivula's black and white images are appealing to the eye.

Based in the city of Tampere, the photographer aims to use natural lighting, contrast, and shadows. His interests include movies, design, nature, and architecture – a combination of which is apparent in his work.

Of this series, Koivula said: "You may notice different buildings, landscapes and detail in the continuum of the round, diagonal or straight lines that emphasise the shapes, shadows and natural lighting. The photos are located in Tampere and the surrounding area – Tampere is the most populated inland city in any of the Nordic countries."

His work has been described as 'thoughtful', and he as being a 'mystical mathematician'. Very cool. See more at

All images courtesy of Tapio Koivula


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