Sound artist Yuri Suzuki releases his first album made from an AI version of Raymond Scott's Electronium

If you're a fan of electronic music, then you'll no doubt know of the musician Raymond Scott, who in 1959 created the Electronium, an instrument that was designed to perform and compose music at the same time.

All images courtesy of Pentagram

All images courtesy of Pentagram

Scott, who was director of Motown's Electronic Search and Development department, was deemed the first person to make such a device and poured a significant chunk of time and money into the project before he died in 1987. Today, he's considered a pioneer and the father of electronic music.

Last year, Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki worked with Counterpoint studio to complete Scott's work, bringing the instrument back to life. Using AI to reimagine the Electronium, Yuri has coaxed a range of sounds from the new machine; moving from calm electronic counterpoint to more introspective and darker timbres. The Digital Electronium was then exhibited at More Than Human: AI at the Barbican in London.

Now Suzuki has revealed Scott's Dream, his first album release on MSG. Launching on 10 September, it's timed to coincide with Raymond Scott's birthday. It'll be available to download on cassette from Bandcamp, with all profits going to NHS Together.

Across the 11 compositions, Suzuki shows a mastery of the instrument, engaging in a dialogue between man and machine. Artwork for the tape and poster design have been generously designed by Astrid Stavro and team.


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