What’s your womb mood today? That's the question posed by Animade and Bloody Good Period

London studio Animade has teamed up with Bloody Good Period to create a series of animated GIFs to open up the conversation about menstruation.


The charity provides menstrual products and reproductive health education to asylum seekers, refugees and those who can't usually access these items or information. Social media tends to be its leading platform, so Animade has come up with five fun GIFs as part of an Instagram campaign to get people talking, asking "which uterus are you today?"

The 3D animations feature a characterful and friendly uterus going through a whole host of emotions. "We've captured them feeling hungry, sad, angry, horny and sleepy – just some of the many moods that can take hold during a cycle," says the Studio.

"When talking about periods, the conversation is often about the physical impact, but we were keen to focus on the emotional side of it with a character who people could connect to. We landed on a character inspired by the uterus, not just because of the amazing power of this organ, but as a relatable way of showing what people can experience during their cycle – especially with this lively and expressive character."

Launching in the run-up to International Women's Day on Sunday 8 March, the project is ultimately a celebration of the body. "However you may identify, woman or otherwise, this is for all people who menstruate – because we're all pretty wonderful," adds Animade.

Animade's Frida Ek directed the project with sound by Sounds Like These. It follows a short animation in 2019 that aimed to dispel the stigma people often feel carrying their menstrual products to the bathroom, as part of Bloody Good Period's #walkofnoshame campaign.






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