Very exciting new studio alert! Meet Austrian studio EGYD

I've admired the work of graphic designer Lukas Haider for a while now, so it was with much silent whooping that I heard the news he's founded a new studio with Georg Fasswald called EGYD. Based in Vienna, the business focuses on graphic design and creating 3D imagery across moving digital applications and printed, still ones.

As well as the studio's beautifully trippy, colourful promotional images, we're big fans of its series of posters for German DJ duo Adana Twins. Haider was initially brought in to create imagery to help promote the pair's New Year’s Eve party at Riverkasematten in Hamburg. "By creating 3D elements that interpret the famous German tradition of lead pouring, we established a key visual for the event’s promotion," the studio explains. "The resulting renderings, combined with bold typography, create a familiar yet abstract appearance that was implemented on posters, a teaser video, visuals, and stage design."

One to keep an eye on, that's for sure.


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