Urban Nature: David Goldstein shows the beauty of cities coexisting with nature

In his series Urban Nature, Franco-Israeli photographer David Goldstein – featured previously – looks to highlight the existence of nature, springing up in our cities where we least expect it.

"Cities are entirely shaped and created by humans," says David. "They are designed to be smart, so we humans can be efficient and productive in our daily life. But cities are not separated from the nature world. They are coexisting, even in cities where the place of nature is not an issue.

"This coexistence creates interactions and leads to a certain beauty. Urban wildlife is a new kind of aesthetics which aims to raise questions about urban ecology and sustainability."

David's photographic practice stands between street photography, documentary and fine art. His work is largely concerned with identity among cities and urban landscapes. He strives to communicate the emotional environment surrounding his subjects, may it be in a direct photographic approach or through more artistic ways. Discover more on his portfolio.

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of David Goldstein


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