Stockholm's Snask creates a new identity for Monetize with colourful geometric blocks

Monetize is a digital loan service for smaller businesses that enables them to grow. When it was considering a rebrand, it realised that its name sounded more like a place to invest rather than borrow money. They called upon the talents of Stockholm design studio, Snask to help.

"We decided to rename them from Monetize to Froda, meaning thrive in Swedish," explained Fredrik Öst, Founder and Creative Director at Snask. "We also gave them a very down-to-earth tone of voice as well as a bold and colourful visual identity. A brand that the big players couldn't copy or come close to.

"A challenger who could run between the legs of the giants and be much bolder. We created their identity from geometrical and colourful pieces of different material to work in a design system stretching from logotype to icons and patterns."

The brand made from geometrical blocks and shapes forms the logotype, icons and patterns for Froda, and is rolled out across all digital and traditional platforms. Discover more about the design process at

Via Creative Boom submission | All images courtesy of Snask


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