Uplifting posters by Marine Belkebir at Saguez & Partners that remind us to stay safe during the global pandemic

Graphic designer and illustrator Marine Belkebir was inspired by the lyrics of an Alain Souchon song when she created this amusing series of posters to remind us to stay safe during the pandemic.

All images courtesy of Saguez & Partners

All images courtesy of Saguez & Partners

Currently working at Paris design studio Saguez & Partners, her seven artworks are based on Souchon's line, "Life is worth nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing is more precious than life itself" and aim to look on the bright side of what has been a strange year.

As Olivier Saguez, designer and founding partner of the studio explains: "It will take a lot of humour to try to live again, certainly as 'masked'. To talk to each other again, to smile, to laugh because we can no longer greet one another with a kiss or give a firm hand shake. We hope that the complainers, the birds of ill omen, the pessimists of life in general – will go away to let us find the pleasure of living together again and show our love of life."

The seven posters are available to download for free, and you're encouraged to print them, or post the artworks on Instagram to spread some cheer.

Since mid-May, the posters have been handed out free-of-charge to the shop owners of Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine. "They add a touch of style to the safety rules," adds Olivier. "Serious in its content and powerful in its form, the powerful graphic design mixed with the surprising tone have revitalised the shopping streets and the checkout lines. It is a token of attention and appreciation, in short, a hymn to life."


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