Unreal Space: Guim Tió Zarraluki's paintings of isolation could be both good and bad

in Inspiration / Art

Depending on your type of personality, this series of paintings by Guim Tió Zarraluki could be interpreted as happy or sad. As an introvert, I find them appealing and peaceful. Entitled Unreal Space, the Barcelona artist depicts characters alone in various scenes – by a lake, in a bed, wandering through a forest... I can understand why others might seem these portraits as depressing or lonely, but either way – they are beautifully serene.

Considered to be an emerging artist, Guim Tió's work is often abstract, particularly his portraits where he often dismantles a photograph of someone, leaving only parts untouched, and the rest completely transformed. Just lately, however, his style has taken a softer approach, where instead of faces being distorted, they are hidden. This is an artist that you simply must follow. Discover more of his work at guimtio.com.