Peter Harris paints empty waiting rooms and hallways with reconstructed famous artworks on the walls

Peter Harris has become renowned for his paintings of interiors at night; empty scenes that also feature famous artworks hanging on the walls.

The Canadian artist's Evening with Hopper series, for instance, includes paintings of buildings as though you were stood on the pavement outside and looking into brightly-lit interiors where reconstructed paintings by Hopper are hung on the walls.

Now he's back with Undisclosed Locations where he steps inside brightly-lit interiors: lobbies, vestibules, waiting rooms, passageways, and stairways, areas that are intended for temporary occupancy, measured in minutes or seconds, as we pass through to our intended destination. The focus is on these anonymous environments as they are simultaneously familiar, yet untraceable to any one part of the world. They could literally be anywhere.

And following his usual theme, if you look closely enough, you'll spot well-known artworks hung on the walls, creating interactions between the content of the artworks and the architecture itself. The historical paintings on display are often landscapes, still-lifes, or abstracts. Paintings by Hopper, Mondrian, Morandi, Rothko et al are featured, each having in common an artists’ ability to communicate an entire worldview in one image. Discover more of his intriguing work at

Undisclosed Locations is on display at Galerie D'Este in Montréal from 8 March until 1 April. Find out more at


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