Unconventional designs that 'take coffee drinking rituals to the next level'

Based in Prague, Czech Republic, Kateryna Zabusova has recently completed an internship at Artbureau, a brilliant little studio with a number of innovative takes on packaging design.

Zabusova’s project was no exception, and she’s just unveiled her designs for ECT Coffee & Film, a limited edition publication resulting from a collaboration between European Coffee Trip, an online magazine about speciality coffee in Europe, and Dattera Coffee, a coffee farm in Brazil.

“Their idea for this project was not only to give you an opportunity to enjoy the taste of rare coffee but also to tell you through a documentary film the process of its production from seed to cup,” the designer explains. “As the final unifying element, they needed a creative package that would highlight the uniqueness of Daterra`s blend, direct to the film and become an object that could be kept as a souvenir.”

The main goal was to create an unconventional package that would be “something more than just a regular box and would help to take the coffee-drinking ritual to the next level,” says Zabusova. As such, the package is very much a design object itself, using a beautiful rich Yves Klein-esque blue alongside hints of pink and red that act like tiny snippets of Matisse-esquie cutouts.

The final packaging aims to resemble a framed print. “The concept was inspired by the fact that coffee blending is often seen as an art form by coffee lovers,” Zabusova explains. “The abstract motif on the lid aims to reflect the coffee tasting notes of the Aramosa Pulped Raisin, a varietal chosen by European Coffee Trip from the Daterra Masterpiece collection known for unusual and unique blends.

“The base of the box, devoid of any graphics, complements the composition and allows minimal shapes and flavorful colours to be the focal point. In addition, the packaging provides for changing of the motif in accordance with coffee varietals of future editions.”

The logo redesign was created by Artbureau’s Jakub Wdowka.


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